Super accessories

The most amazing accessories you can find are made out of super hero themes! Yeah, you can have your favorite hero of childhood made onto a necklace or a cool bracelet, even in a note book to carry around all days, or even more amazing, into a bag pack to have all your goodies safe a super protected. So what if we take a look at the most amazing ones? Shall we?


A hoodie made out of a Grinch!


Disclaimer: not a single Grinch was hurt in the process.


A cool Grinch hoodie that will look amazing, and more with in this season! You will look like you really hate Christmas, but in the inside you are just loving all lighting and decorations! Amazing hat yo made you look stylish and a little weird at the same time!




Capes are one of the most fun and affordable item, because one single cape can be part of tons of different outfits and costumes, and you can use it to recreate any movie and super hero character you want, so having one is a must!


What do you think about it? You can have the most amazing costume in your hands with a lot less you think!


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